Legal Capital Partners became a member of the Loan Market Association (LMA)
Legal Capital Partners became a member of the Loan Market Association* and at present it is the only Russian law firm joined the association.

Legal Capital Partners is a member of the Committee of the Association of Russian Banks on the syndicated loan and has extensive experience in counseling and transactions in this area, including:

Advising Ltd. «Colmar», mortgagor, on a syndicated loan with the security, provided by the Korea Development Bank within funding the development of coal mine, total sum of  the transaction -  $ 70 million USD;
Advising the Hungarian Export-Import Bank, the lender, and the Hungarian CJSC on an export credit insurance «MEHIB», the insurer, on providing a loan to a Russian development company with  the security in the total amount of 35 million EURO in order to finance the construction of the hotel in Sochi;
Legal support of the deal on a syndicated loan for a large Russian gold mining company, total sum of  the transaction - 36 million USD;
Advising Goldman Sachs on  a syndicated loan with the security of the amount of 4 850 million USD within the deal on financing the company’s acquisition the company Mars (total sum of the transaction- 23 billion USD);
Advising Natixis bank and Bank Natixis JSC, lenders,on a syndicated loan with the  Russian company’s security in the total amount of 30 million USD;
Advising Sibirtelecom JSC, debtor, on a syndicated loan provided by Сommerzbank in the total amount of 50 million EURO.
Legal Capital Partners lawyers are members of the team organized by the by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation for the purpose of reformation of the legislation on mortgage. In this project Legal Capital Partners is the main drafter of the documents for the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation many provisions of which were used in the development of the Civil Code draft.

Legal Capital Partners also took part in the drafting of the Federal Law «On amendments to the Civil Code and other legislative acts of the Russian Federation (the development of project financing)», initiated by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

Key objectives of the LMA are the following: providing and drafting of the documentation for the primary and secondary markets of the syndicated loans, as well as the consolidation of the market practice standards of execution of the syndicated loan transactions.

Legal Capital Partners law making experience and a significant experience in project monitoring on syndicated loan will promote the expansion of business practice on the syndicated loan market and the effective exchange of experiences of members of the credit market.

Yury Tuktarov, Legal Capital Partners partner: «Legal Capital Partners is a local law firm that clients hire to represent them in the financial transactions. Our participation in the LMA will allow us to actively participate in the global loan market community. Practical benefit from participation in the Association is that we’ll get an additional opportunity to offer our customers the best approaches and solutions in the preparation of the loan documentation. We are planning to expand our practice of corporate lending in order to have similar leadership position that we occupy in corporate bonds and securitization of financial assets (Legal Capital Partners is named the Best Law Firm on the bond market of the year 2012 based on opinion of 500 investment market participants)».

*The Loan Market Association (LMA) has as its key objective improving liquidity, efficiency and transparency in the primary and secondary syndicated loan markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA).