The project finance in Russia-2013
Alexey Chernykh, Legal Capital Partners senior associate, made a report on the conference «The project finance in Russia-2013», which took place on 07 June 2013 in Moscow .

The report was devoted to the recent changes in the legislation that affect the project finance, as well as the most significant provisions to be taken on a priority basis. The report covered the following issues:

Legal regulation in the updated legislation;
Gaps in the national legislation as the general obstacle for project finance development;
How strongly the absence of specific legislation on project finance complicates the working process?
How changes in the legislation will help to resolve the responsibilities of the parties of the project finance?
Competitiveness of the instruments of Russian and foreign law in the project finance transactions;
Legislative changes to be accepted in order to create a legal base for the  project finance;
How the new legislative initiatives will contribute to the solution of the existing complex problems?

The discussion of new initiatives of legislative regulation of the project finance, mechanisms to increase the investment attractiveness of the national projects and the possibilities of using financial engineering and application of new finance instruments also took place in the framework of the third annual conference.