LECAP awarded as Best DCM Law Firm by Cbonds Awards 2022
For the eleventh year in a row, bond market participants have voted for LECAP as Best DCM Law Firm in the framework of Cbonds Awards voting. Our sister company, Legal Capital Investor Services (LCPIS) bondholder representative, was awarded as Best Bondholder Representative / Trustee.
LCPIS debut appointment as trustee for MMK International Capital DAC Eurobonds

It is for the first time in the Russian borrowers Eurobond market that a foreign trustee is replaced by a trustee registered in Russia. LECAP was designated as vote proxy and acted as a representative authorised to vote on behalf of those Eurobond holders unable to attend the Meeting

projects and news
Interview: The most important events in the Russian debt capital market in 2019
25 November 2019
Michael Malinovskiy, LECAP Partner, and Dmitry Rumyantsev, Director of Legal Capital Investor Services shared with Cbonds Review their version of the most important events of 2019 in the Russian debt market from the point of view of practicing lawyers, and also outlined the key legislative innovations that will affect the market in 2020.
Michael Malinovskiy
Dmitri Rumyantsev
Securitisation in Russia — 2019
14 June 2019
A detailed Q&A covering common issues in securitisation laws and regulations – including receivables contracts, receivables purchase agreements, asset sales, security issues, insolvency laws, special rules, regulatory issues and taxation.
Michael Malinovskiy
International Comparative Legal Guide
Securities Finance — Russia
04 June 2019
A broad overview of the practice and regulations of securities in Russia, including the general procedures for the public and private offering of securities, settlement procedure, underwriting agreement, as well as other practical and regulatory issues.
High-Yield Debt in Russia
15 May 2019
Overview of the Russian High-Yield Debt market, its participants, regulation, guarantees and securities, documentation terms, debt seniority and intercreditor arrangements
Lexology Getting the deal through
Rules of evidence (including cross-border evidence) in civil proceedings Q&A: Russian Federation
31 July 2018

This Q&A provides an overview of the rules of evidence in civil proceedings, including rules on the disclosure obligations of the parties, admissibility of evidence, witness evidence, the standard of proof, as well as issues that arise in gathering cross-border evidence.

Thomson Reuters